A Kingdom With A Heart

A Kingdom With A Heart

Long ago and far away, at the far end of the galaxy, there was a little village by the name of Happy. Everyone knew each other; helped each other and when someone needed something, the others helped out.

Take the time when Mr. Pringle needed help. A storm had demolished his roof and he had to get It put back so as not to ruin anything inside the house. All the neighbors pitched in and got his roof back on in short order. He and Mrs. Pringle cooked a huge meal and everyone ate together in the yard. They laughed and carried on most of the day. After that, the ladies helped clean the mess up. Talk about helping each other!

The village was quaintly built in the fairy-tale type buildings. Different kinds of shops lined both sides of the street. From here, I can see a Millinery shop full of every kind and type of hat you can imagine! And the all the feathers to put on them. Every kind, color, shape, and length! My, you never saw the like!

Then, The Barber Shop. Sounds to me me as though the men got a haircut and a shave while the ladies shopped for new hats. Sounds good to me!

On the other side and down a bit was the livery stable. It kept horses, carriages, and would tend to the horses that stayed over night. All in all, it was quite a growing concern.

A village was not a village without a dress-maker. And Mrs. Bailey was the best in these parts and the surrounding area. She had golden hands! There she is, talking to Constable John. Telling him about the upcoming ball. Fall is coming and Happy would be having their annual ball announcing the change of seasons.


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