There are times when life comes down so hard, we just have to back away. We feel that everything has suddenly begun crashing down on us. Our minds tell us no understands. This leaves us to our own devices and feeling so very much alone.

However, are we wrong?…. Just because we look at something one way and others look at it another? Does that really make us wrong? I tend not necessarily. To me it says I look at something one way and you look at it another. That’s the difference God instilled us that makes us different.

Why is it? What is it in us as humans that we feel we must control others. God gave each one of us a head and a brain and the ability to choose right from wrong and wrong from right. No one will ever make all the right decisions. However, each one has been given the right to make them and at least they made a decision and didn’t sit on the fence doing nothing.

When we look to God to see us through all things, and let Him show us the way. His way… , it’s the best thing we can do.



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